Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flutter in the Media

A bit late posting this, but here's the first round-up of some awesome press coverage Flutter got around the world:

San Francisco Chronicle
Front-page of business section: “JuiceCaster is doing what Apple didn't. It's giving iPhone 3G users some picture-messaging love.”

Flutter to Help iPhone users get the picture
"In addition, Flutter users can geo-tag any picture they send, taking advantage of the GPS functionality built into the latest iPhones. When you tag a photo with your location, Flutter adds a link to the message that lets recipients see where you are on the built-in Maps application."

Stuff Magazine
Photo messaging finally comes to the iPhone
“Flutter, which you can nab now from the App Store, lets you fire off snaps to your mates, MMS–style, meaning you no longer have to bleat about the iPhone ‘not being fully featured’ (ignoring the copy and paste issue, natch).”

iPhone gets MMS
"For all its forward-thinking feature goodness, the iPhone is missing a lot of things that we’ve all come to expect from modern cellphones. On Monday JuiceCaster will plug one of those holes ..."

JuiceCaster brings MMS to the iPhone with Flutter
"... [a] function that has generally eluded iPhone users, often to their irritation, given the power that is packed into the slim, multi-touch device, is the very basic and nearly universal MMS, or multimedia messaging."

Mobile Crunch
Flutter: It's MMS for the iPhone ... sort of
“Juice Wireless, the folks behind JuiceCaster, have a different vision for the future - one where MMS functionality is provided for all. Even iPhone users.”

Killer Startups
MMS for the iPhone
“The folks from JuiceCaster have just become our office’s favorite iPhone app manufacturers.”

JuiceCaster tries to fill iPhone MMS gap with Flutter
“First off, we have to say that we’re pretty impressed that Apple even let this application through to the App Store. Whatever the case may be, rejoice iPhone owners as you can finally [sort of] have some MMS love on your handsets without the need to jailbreak.”

Wireless Week
iPhones get Flutter
“The iPhone can do lots of things really well. However, sending pictures is not one of them. Social networking company JuiceCaster has developed an app that will help out the Big Apple.”

Unwired Review
iPhone gets MMS picture messaging with Flutter
“A long-awaited feature for the iPhone has finally been added thanks to a third-party app. No, we’re not talking about copy-paste here yet, but we’ll get there. For now, feast your eyes (and fingers) on Flutter, a free iPhone app that lets users send photos directly to their contacts the way MMS works."

Mobile Magazine
iPhone finally gets MMS, thanks to JuiceCaster
"As amazing and popular as the iPhone 3G may be, it's seriously lacking in one very critical department and that's in multimedia messaging. Where's the MMS, Apple? Well, it seems that we can now turn to a third party for that area of functionality. JuiceCaster has tossed the Flutter application into the Apple App Store to satiate your desire for MMS on the iPhone."


imrik said...

All I can say - Press sees potential in Flutter but on the other hand one thing is clear - People in the US don't even know what real MMS is. I don't know how someone can call sms with link to geo tagged phono an MMS and write article about it...

Flutter said...

That is very true. In the EU, MMS is part of mobile language, whereas in the US it's really referred to as "picture messaging".

Either way, while Flutter 1.0 was about 'picture messaging' ("kind of like MMS") we're working on true MMS right now ... so in hindsight the headlines are accurate :-)