Monday, September 15, 2008

Outside North America?

International friends: Bonjour, Guten Tag, yia sou, G'day and many more,

Looks like many of you are having password/login issues. Well, since you're not even technically supposed to have Flutter yet, thank you for your patience ;-)

Can I sign-up from Country XYZ?
Most likely, yes. You need to use the international format. E.g. if you're in the UK with phone number 07779123123 enter 00447779123123, if you're in France use 0033 etc.

Why haven't I received my password?
Try signing up with the your number in international format (see above). Or, when trying to retrieve your password ("Resend Password" option), make sure you're entering it in international format.

Why aren't recipient's aren't getting my Flutter messages?
Make sure that numbers in your contact book are saved in international format. Sorry, but since Flutter isn't fully international yet, this is a workaround you'll need to use.

Why can't I send messages?
If you're trying to use your operator's 3G connection, then it could be because they don't allow media uploading. Please email us at flutter at juicecaster dot com and let us know your operator. You can then try using a Wi-Fi connection to see if it helps. If you still can't send, then your account isn't logged in properly - please email flutter at juicecaster dot com and we'll fix it for you.

If you have questions, you can use our support forum.


roadburn said...

Hi, thanks for creating the app! Sounds great, unfortunately it still doesn't work when I add +65 for Singapore. Haven't received the password via SMS

Anonymous said...

Hello, thank for the App - in Poland (+48) it works, but recipients are getting sms with link to picture - not an mms.
Another nice thing it would be possibilty to type in the number od recipient, not only choose from contacts.

Pjot said...

This app is hopeless: no password sent to me, no support available other than a forum that doesn't have the right questions, so byebye Flutter

Claus said...

Have just downlded the newest version from app store, and I still don't get a password when I push the resend password button.

I live in Denmark and det number format I have written is 0045xxxxxx