Friday, September 12, 2008

What's the catch?

Someone asked this question in an App Store review ... well, right now there really isn't one.

It doesn't cost you anything to send messages, and it doesn't cost recipients to get messages - assuming you both have an internet connection on your phone.

You're sending as many messages as you want, right? So, really, is there a catch? No ... really, right now there is no catch.

At some point we may introduce ads, either in the text message, the message page or the app itself. We don't want it to be annoying though, so there's lots of discussions to be had. Tell us what you think.

For now, just enjoy.


ROBOCUB said...

If you must have ad subsidy please add it to the App itself and not in the messages that get sent/received. That would be truly annoying. I don't think anyone is a fan of ads but so far Twitterfic's ad banners every once in a while is the least offensive and palatable advertising I've seen.

Flutter said...

I agree with you 110%! I really dislike the idea of my friends thinking I'm sending them spam. It's not their fault I use the app!